Simcenter Prescan

Validating the safety and reliability of ADAS and automated vehicle functionalities requires billions of testing miles, including all possible scenarios under all possible circumstances. This is only feasible if the bulk of the validation work is done virtually, by simulation. Therefor engineers need a comprehensive physics-based platform that allows them to follow a systematic approach.

Using Simcenter Prescan, engineers can virtually validate ADAS and automated vehicle functionalities in five straightforward steps. First, they can replicate real-world traffic scenarios within minutes by using elements of the Simcenter Prescan database (with roads, infrastructure components, actors, weather and light sources) via the GUI, or using an API. Then, they can add sensor models. The software can connect to an Ego-vehicle to test the interaction between the vehicle and its surroundings. Next, Simcenter Prescan has an interface for control systems to design and verify algorithms for data processing, sensor fusion, decision making and control. With all of those data, engineers can then run experiments, which can be done on multiple operating systems and hardware platforms. Finally, they can play with parameters for roads, paths, speed profiles, lighting conditions, weather phenomena, sensor configuration, algorithms and more.

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