Products and Services

Sales, training and technical support processes of Siemens Simcenter products are provided by SimOfis Engineering.
Fast, accurate and customizable system-level 1D thermo-fluid simulation solution for all phases of system design. Upfront 3D computational fluid dynamics solutions, fully integrated with your CAD workflows for maximum productivity.
Additive manufacturing (AM) is changing the way products are made. New revolutionary machines and processes are rapidly pushing AM from the prototype environment onto the production floor. The additive manufacturing capabilities in Simcenter™ 3D software are used to predict distortions and defects before parts are printed, thereby reducing the number of test prints and improving the quality of the final print.
Simcenter 3D software offers a comprehensive solution to minimize noise and optimize the sound quality of the products. With its special acoustic modeling tools, efficient solvers and easy-to-interpret visualization tools, it allows you to quickly learn about its performance.
Simcenter 3D software offers different tools to support fatigue design at all stages of development. This includes easy-to-use wizards for power and fatigue during the design phase, as well as detailed analysis and production processes of complex load scenarios.
Simcenter 3D software offers modeling and simulation that helps engineers understand and predict the functional behavior of mechanisms. It offers a complete and robust solution environment to support all aspects of advanced dynamic, static and kinematic motion simulation.
Simcenter 3D Electromagnetic software offers a variety of low and high frequency solvents. In addition to providing information on electromagnetic design challenges, Simcenter Magnet and Motorsolve software enables data exchange.
TASS International’s vision is that the most effective way to develop and validate automated driving systems is by using a combination of simulation, laboratory experiments and real-world testing. Our methodology and tool-suite enables our customers to validate automated driving systems at a much earlier stage and for much smaller investments.
Pipe manufacturers aim to increase product reliability by eliminating expensive iterations during the design process. With the Simcenter 3D Flexible Pipe Module, it offers solutions in every subject that may be needed in pipe design such as curvature, torsion, number of connectors and supports, and detection of possible collisions.
Thermally test, measure and characterize semiconductor devices (including LEDs), thermal interface materials, and even all electronic systems.