TeraLED is designed to be used as an optical system for LEDs in a precisely controlled thermal environment. If used as an add-on option for T3Ster, it forms a complete JEDEC JESD51-51 and 51-52 compliant LED test setup.

From a thermal perspective LED-based lighting systems are similar to electronic systems: high junction temperatures must be avoided in order to assure better performance and longer lifetime. Today further improvement of LEDs is hampered by the same limitation faced by the electronics industry: power densities resulting due to ever increasing demand for more and more luminous output can't be handled with traditional thermal management solutions.

TeraLED provides a unique, integrated solution to cope with all these issues. Combined with T3Ster technology, Mentor Graphics provides state-of-the-art realizations of the most recent thermal testing standards such as JEDEC JESD51-14 for general power semiconductor devices and JEDEC JESD51-15 and JESD51-52, thermal testing standards specific to power LEDs.