T3Ster® (pronounced as "Tris-ter") is an advanced thermal transient tester for thermal characterization of IC packets, power semiconductors, LEDs and systems. T3Ster, a test solution consisting of proprietary software and hardware, meets the requirements in the semiconductor, shipping, economic electronics, military and LED lighting industries. Review the T3Ster packet thermal metrics and structure to understand the calibration, reliability, and quality evaluation of the models of the thermal device.

T3Ster to test packaged semiconductor devices. This way is thermal interface materials and heat sinks, such as semiconductor chip, mold, package box, solder, PCB, thermal pastes, pads, etc.

Using semiconductor, you can design chips and ICs with superior thermal performance using T3Ster, and reliable thermal usage can be published for other applications, while equipment.

Unlike other systems, T3Ster measures true heating or cooling curves (thermal transient response of packaged semiconductor devices). T3Ster offers highly accurate temperature measurements (0.01 ° C) and 1 micro-second measurement accuracy.