DynTIM is a high-precision test environment for both standalone materials and in-situ and is designed to operate in conjunction with T3Ster®, Mentor’s leading thermal transient testing solution. DynTIM S is a standalone version that does not require a T3Ster. The system is mainly designed for the measurement of soft materials, such as thermal greases and compressible pads. Adhesives and solid samples can also be tested.

In all electronic systems thermal management is the main concern and with thermally critical components in contact with heatsinks, housings or PCBs, thermal resistance of that contact is the key factor in the heatflow path. Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) used in such contacts is supposed to improve thermal contact between those components and knowing the exact thermal resistance of a TIM is important for proper thermal management in a system.

TIM materials are major contributors to the thermal budget of a system so their proper selection may be the key to a successful design regardless of the industry. The DynTIM and DynTIM S thermal interface material testers have been designed to provide an industrial method to identify thermal conductivity of a relatively wide class of TIMs. This set of tools is ideal for TIM vendors and system manufacturers where due to the application of power semiconductor devices such as power MOSFETs, IGBTs or power LEDs there is high demand for application of high performance, reliable thermal interface materials.