Simcenter Madymo

Reduce new or improved vehicle development time and cost, by early analysis and optimization of occupant and pedestrian safety. Simcenter Madymo helps companies limit prototype testing with unparalleled accurate, efficient and versatile simulation solutions.

Upcoming driverless vehicles bring new seating positions and restraints systems; also population gender, age and size gain importance, as well as pre-crash and even non-crash scenarios. Consequently, both the number of scenarios and the duration of simulated events rapidly increase. Simcenter Madymo integrates multibody, Finite Element, and CFD technologies in one single solver, that correctly balances accuracy and speed. The software includes an extensive validated crash dummy model and human body model database.

Simcenter Madymo is market-leader in occupant safety simulation, as confirmed in a benchmark by the Automotive Occupant Restraints Council. This one compared all most commonly used combinations of simulation codes and crash dummy models on their predictive value versus measured data and their CPU time. Simcenter Madymo with multibody Hybrid-III models scored among the best on accuracy while being by far the fastest.

Simcenter Madymo helps researchers and engineers reduce prototype testing with unparalleled accurate, efficient and versatile simulation solutions

Occupant Safety Simulation

Simulate occupant and pedestrian safety accurately and efficiently by using an integrated solution that bundles various methodologies and a validated crash dummy and human body model database.

Occupant and pedestrian safety are critical design aspects. These aspects determine whether a vehicle can be homologated. Therefore thorough prototype testing needs to be done before a vehicle can go to market. However, this testing is expensive and can cause significant delays, especially when problems are discovered. For this reason, vehicle manufacturers try to save prototyping time and cost by doing upfront research and analysis using simulation.

Yet occupant safety simulations can be computationally intensive, especially for long-duration events. With the advent of driverless vehicles, new seating positions and restraints systems are on the increase; compliance in terms of population gender, age, and size is becoming more critical. As a result, the number of relevant testing scenarios (or load cases) keeps on increasing. Therefore engineers need to carefully balance between accuracy, model size and calculation time. They need solutions where they can pick the right method for their problems. When using Simcenter Madymo, engineers can apply a variety of simulation techniques, and find a set of validated crash dummy models and human body models in a database. Simcenter Madymo uniquely combines the capabilities of multibody (MB), finite element (FE), and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in a single CAE solver. This will allow engineers to do all their calculations at a scale that fits the application.

Simcenter Madymo helps to reduce development time and increases confidence in simulation results.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Simulate Out-of-Position events for deploying airbags, where injuries can result from contact between the occupant and the airbag. By using the Simcenter Madymo’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) module, engineers can carry out detailed modeling of the flow of fluids, such as gas flowing inside the deploying airbag.

Coupling FE Codes

Couple Simcenter Madymo with other FE codes for safety design or connect with Matlab to include control algorithms and study their effects on the restraint system. Today, Simcenter Madymo can be coupled to LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, RADIOSS, and ABAQUS. This enables engineers to continue using Simcenter Madymo crash test dummies, which to date remain the fastest and most accurate dummy models available, while in their preferred FE code. The combined result can then be visualized and post-processed in a single graphical tool.

Dummy Models

Leverage the outcome of decades of R&D, bundled in the most extensive crash test dummy model database available. Simcenter Madymo Dummy Models are famous for their accuracy, as well as their computational speed, robustness, and user-friendliness. The Simcenter Madymo dummy models have been validated on component, assembly and full-system levels using an extensive database of test data. The Simcenter Madymo crash test dummy models have been successfully applied in analysis and design of myriad protective devices in various industries, ranging from Automotive, Aviation, Defense, and Rail.

Finite Element Analysis

Accurately model deformable structures inside the occupant compartment, such as seatbelt, airbag, seat, and trim. Simcenter Madymo’s explicit transient finite element (FE) solver includes an extensive selection of element definitions, material models, and contact algorithms, dedicated for this application.


Multibody: Rigid Body Dynamics

Perform large parametric design studies by applying a computationally fast method for modelling complex dynamic systems. In Simcenter Madymo Multibody, engineers can describe systems as rigid or deformable bodies, interconnected by kinematic joints. They can assign geometrical, material and contact properties to capture all the physics.


Speed up model creation and modification and gain more insight in analysis results by using dedicated pre- and post-processing. Simcenter Madymo Workspace includes special tools for occupant restraint analysis such as a seatbelt fitting module and automated extraction of NCAP star ratings. Pre-processing functionality also includes dedicated occupant safety features such as dummy positioning and seat belt fitting tools. Workspace post-processing functionality covers generic functionality for animation display, contour and graph plotting.