Simcenter 3D Multimech

Simplify converting a Simcenter Nastran model into a multiscale model


Multimech for Simcenter™ 3D software allows users to easily convert existing models into True Multiscale models.

Using this application, engineers can make design choices based on high-fidel-ity multiscale simulation that pinpoints the origin of failure at the microstructure.

  • See how homogenized properties change in space and time

  • Zoom into microscale to assess damage and relay that information to the macroscale

  • Achieve more accurate simulation results due to representing behavior at the microscale

How it works

Multimech finite element (FE) software from Siemens Digital Industries Software is integrated with the Simcenter 3D software user interface, making it simple to convert an existing Simcenter Nastran® software model into a full True Multiscale model. After the Multimech for Simcenter 3D appli-cation is installed, a new ribbon tabnamed Multimech is added to the pre/ post application.

1.            The microstructural model function-ality allows users to create or import microstructures and create Simcenter materials that can be used in Simcenter Nastran simulations.

2.            Creating a new microstructure or editing an existing one launches the Multimech user interface, allowing the user to define or edit the microstruc-tural model.

3.            Once microstructural materials are created and assigned to parts, the full multiscale simulation will be run to solve the model, automatically cou-pling Simcenter Nastran with the Multimech solver in a concurrent fash-ion. In addition to the traditional post-processing capabilities available in Simcenter 3D, the Multimech exten-sion enables users to postprocess microstructural results as well. For example, users can see how homoge-nized properties change in space and time and can perform full postprocess-ing of microstructural results at any location of the part model to rigorously investigate when/where/why damage originates at the microscale.

The Multimech for Simcenter 3D tool uses the extremely detailed and accu - rate concurrent multiscale approach. Using this approach, an engineer can have a global scale model with a part that is subjected to different loading and boundary conditions. The stresses and strains within this part are transferred to a specified microscale finite element model, which represents each integra-tion point in the global scale model.

Once the microscale model is solved that information is passed to the global scale, enabling much more realistic sim-ulation results by capturing history dependence of material laws and stress redistribution due to damage evolution


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