Simcenter 3D Flow

A powerful and robust CFD solver

Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Simcenter 3D fluid dynamics modules combine the power and accuracy of the well-established control-volume formulation with cell-vertex formulation to discretize and efficiently solve the fluid motion describing Navier-Stokes equations. The Simcenter 3D fluid dynamics solver employs a robust algebraic multigrid solution scheme in combination with multiple first and second-order discretization options and time integration schemes to deliver a capable and fully integrated CFD solution. Within theSimcenter environment, it also uses an immersed boundary, flux-based halo-node approach for quick and easy thermal-flow evaluation.

Rapidly create fluid domains

Automatically and rapidly extracting fluid domains using traditional Boolean operations, surface wrapping and defining immersed bodies helps improve CFD analysis productivity. Treating dissimilar fluid meshes at interfaces between parts allows the user to quickly investigate many what-if simulation scenarios involving complex assemblies.

Providing a platform for multidiscipline simulation

The Simcenter 3D fluid dynamics solution is part of a larger, integrated multidiscipline simulation environment with the Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop at the core for centralized pre-/postprocessing for all Simcenter 3D solutions. This integrated environment helps you to achieve faster CAE processes and streamline multidiscipline simulations that integrate flow and other disciplines like aero-Vibro-acoustics that require acoustics and structural solution, fluid-structure interaction or thermal coupled problems that require thermal solutions.

Strong coupling with thermal solver

The flow and thermal modules of Simcenter 3D can be seamlessly coupled. CFD and thermal models can be created separately and then combined by simply dragging and dropping the boundary conditions into the coupled simulation. This provides a powerful and easy to use solution for applications that require explicit modeling of CFD along with detailed thermal analysis.

A dedicated tool for electronics system cooling

Simcenter 3D Electronic Systems Cooling provides a fully associative end-to-end electronics thermal design capability. Changes in the electronics computer-aided design (ECAD) can be seamlessly propagated to the thermal/CFD model to recover the new system temperatures and airflows.

Industry applications

From the gust of air that pushes a sailboat to the hot exhaust exiting an automobile’s tailpipe to the burst of medication issuing from the nozzle of an oral inhalation device, fluid dynamics are an essential and inextricable part of industry applications.

Automotive and transportation

Simcenter 3D provides porous blockage models for quick and effective simulation of under-hood components like radiators, charge air coolers and condensers. Further automotive applications include thermal management in automotive lighting systems, cabin comfort and humidity analysis, gas mixture modeling of exhaust, and pollutant species transport.

Aerospace and defense

Transporting humidity along with film condensation modeling, the flow simulation capabilities of Simcenter 3D can be used to obtain estimates of passenger comfort. Lift and drag forces can be computed and reported, based on the pressure and viscous shear acting on flow surfaces. The fluid dynamic forces can be automatically mapped to structural solutions. 


Simofis Engineering and Siemens provide supports for training and consultancy.