Simcenter 3D Electromagnetics

Simcenter™ 3D software for electromagnetics (EM) offers an integrated, low-frequency solver with Simcenter MAGNET™ software and a variety of high-frequency solvers for wave propagation challenges. The comprehensive set of capabilities provides insight into diverse design challenges: performance of electromechanical components and energy conversion, antenna design and siting (small to large scale), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Analyze large scale, system-level problems efficiently

Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Simcenter 3D for electromagnetics integrates capabilities that can generate, manage and simulate multiscale models of the highest complexity in a reasonable amount of time and with minimal computational resources. There are efficient and effective methods tuned for each frequency/ time range, application field and scale of device.

Dedicated and robust electromagnetic solvers

Simcenter 3D for electromagnetics is designed for robustness and computational efficiency. A range of dedicated solvers (time and frequency based; linear and nonlinear, finite and boundary element based) with novel boundary conditions and smart mesh refine-ments offers a transformative computer -aided engi-neering (CAE) process, with simulations ranging from a fast, initial analysis to inherent realism for final verification.

Further refinement with integrated thermal simulations

Reliable and accurate results can only be obtained when models incorporate the right level of sophistica-tion. Coupling high fidelity electromagnetic and ther-mal solvers facilitates realistic predictions of the tem-perature distribution and the corresponding effect on materials and low-frequency electromagnetic fields. This integrated thermal simulation provides further insights, ultimately resulting in reduced risk for demag-netization and performance drop.

Industry applications

Electromagnetics heavily impacts the safety, perfor-mance and reliability of a product, so having a digital twin that can faithfully predict the multiple characteris-tics of this phenomena is critical for design success.

Automotive and transportation

Simcenter 3D for EM provides the tools for designing electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) powertrains and electromechanical components (pumps, actuators), and verifying electromagnetic emissions (both radiated and conducted) to meet regu-lations and develop antennas and communication devices for vehicle to vehicle or infrastructure (V2x) connectivity.

Aerospace and defense

Simcenter 3D can tackle the complex large- scale simu-lations of high-intensity radiated fields and lightning on the fuselage. Also, EMC requirements for avionics can be addressed for the most complex systems. New electric propulsion can be designed with high-end electromagnetic motion solvers.


Simcenter 3D can provide insight into antenna place-ment and minimization of radar signature also for aeronautical applications. The performance of propul-sion motors, energy storage systems and rails can also be predicted.

Industrial machinery

Simcenter 3D provides the necessary features to evalu-ate the performance and durability of the electrome-chanical components used in heavy vehicles, inspection and extraction equipment.

Consumer goods

Simcenter 3D can be used to verify EMC/EMI require-ments and hence guarantee proper function of the electronics in all environments. Further, it is used to evaluate the performance of communication systems based on antenna types and provide insight into elec-tromechanical components (motors, pumps, fans) used in home appliances, including wireless charging.


Simcenter 3D Low Frequency EM

Simcenter 3D Low Frequency EM software allows you to create and edit Simcenter MAGNET models. Using the Simcenter 3D graphical interface, you can import or build 3D electromechanical models in native NX CAD, use and define sophisticated magnetic materials and define properties, boundary conditions and loads, including loads using an integrated 1D circuit modeling tool. Once solved, the product also allows you to do sophis-ticated postprocessing of the results

Module benefits

•         Associativity between electromagnetic performance and the fully parametrized CAD model

•         Highly efficient way of defining complex electromechanical devices

•         Integrated world-class material database

•         Supports multidiscipline scenarios from the integrated environment

Key features

•         From 2D to full 3D detailed analysis

•         Includes static, harmonic and transient solvers, including motion for any number of components

•         Material models for low-frequency EM materials (advanced models such as hysteresis, de-magnetization)

•         Integrated thermal analysis

Simcenter 3D High Frequency EM

Simcenter 3D High Frequency EM software allows you to create, edit and postprocess high-frequency electro-magnetic analyses from the Simcenter 3D graphical interface. The user can define complex materials, ele-ment properties, boundary conditions and excitations, including highly performant equivalent antenna mod-els, all while keeping associativity to CAD.

Module benefits

  • Enable end-to-end efficient process using associativity between the electromagnetic performance and the CAD model

  • Facilitate straightforward handling of large, system-level models such as full aircraft, satellites, ships and cars

  • Address a wide frequency spectrum with a range of dedicated solvers

  • Leverage existing knowledge built on 30 years of expertise in the high-frequency electromagnetics domain

Key features

  • Simcenter 3D environment for high-frequency EM

  • Setting up for a range of dedicated solvers: uniform theory of diffraction (UTD), 3D and 2.5D (for devices and antennas based on multilayered PCB technology) accelerated multilevel fast multipole algorithm (MLFMA, DDM...) MoM-based solvers

  • Material models for high-frequency electromagnetics

  • Postprocessing of analysis: EM fields, SYZ parameters, coupling, far-field and near-field results, magnetic and electric currents, antenna pattern

  • CAD based and equivalent models of antenna (antenna modeling starting from incomplete data)


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